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Stay up to date with relevant education and career news from New Zealand and the world.

Get informed.

Stay up to date with relevant education and career news from New Zealand and the world.

Eric’s First Week

My First Week

Life here is completely different compared to Malaysia. What I have noticed so far, New Zealand is much more structured, less pollution, westernized, standard of living is higher, buildings are flat, less traffic congestion, convenient public transportation and the city is filled with outrageously beautiful natural scenes. Greenlane, Auckland is where I stay. It is spring season now and the temperature varies from 6 to 15 degrees Celsius. Looking at the sun as I open my eyes in the morning, perhaps this is the first time I mentioned that I LOVE the sun. My first weekend, spent my time sight-seeing wonderful places around the city. All people that I know here just can’t wait to show me around. I was delighted, never felt so welcome before. I’m sure you will be amazed! 

Surrounded by hills, mountains and islands 360 degree.

Many people back home I assume have this general idea that New Zealand is a boring place (lifeless). You know what? I found abundant peace and safety here in the city. Of course, there are much more things I could do out of the city, but not as happening as it is back in Malaysia with all “24 hours”, many shops here close early around 6pm. Looking at the positive side, life here in New Zealand is very much healthier and relaxed and a pleasant place to gain work-life balance. Fellow friends back home, if this is what you are looking for, you may start consider coming over to New Zealand. 

One Tree Hill just 5 minutes walking distance from homestay.

My first day working with Novo Education was remarkable, work culture here is very different. Working hours can be flexible; capability, trust and responsibility are amongst the key qualities of being a good staff. I have been catching up and learning many different tasks as an intern. In fact the work environment moulds you towards a positive working culture.

As I understand more about my company. Study here can be awesome too! I have got to know some friends here doing their undergraduate program at polytechnic institution. In Malaysian’s mind, polytechnic is lousy. This perception does not apply to New Zealand surprisingly. Instead, they offer various types of program, well recognized locally and internationally up to postgraduate level. On top of it, they cost less than university’s offering. 

Lamb and beef taste like heaven! Many other local productions like diary, chocolate, chips and wine are a must try.  My honest opinion, I think I feel in love with this country and things around. It is my first week here and counting down my remaining time here, I wish I could stay here for a longer period. Hope everyone is doing well back home. That’s all for now, love you all!


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