Understand your market, communicate more effectively.


Understand your market, communicate more effectively.

Report from Viet Nam (January 2015)

VIET NAM TRIP – January 2015

The purpose of this 2 week trip was for me to meet agents, parents, and potential students following up from the Education New Zealand Fairs and Agent Seminars we attended last October.

We were supplied the entire database of registered students for these Fairs, categorised into types of course required, and had emailed all of them. The response rate was quite good, and what we found was that

  • Those wanting High School or English Language were fairly clear about what they wanted.
  • Those wanting tertiary study had very little idea of the options, and pathways, open to them.
  • A very large proportion were considering studying in New Zealand as a long term option, and did not want a course enrolment immediately.

Those who were reasonably clear about what they wanted, or wanted to discuss options in detail, were invited to 1 seminar in Hanoi, and another 2 in Ho Chi Minh City. About 10 -25 students attended each follow-up seminar, and we are confident that some will become definite enrolments. Some also advised that they would not be able to attend a seminar, and would follow-up with an agent directly.

(For the big group of "long term possibilities" above, we will send them New Zealand updates every few months, to eventually convert them into definite students.)

Feedback from agents, parents and universities includes:

  1. Enquiries from potential High School students are increasing due to the increasing living cost and study expenses in USA and UK. Parents also realise that sending their children to a high school earlier will be beneficial to get University entry.
  2. High quality Vietnamese High School students are being offered significant scholarships, and New Zealand high schools are facing high competition from these.
  3. Although English is taught widely in schools, students’ English is usually not strong enough for tertiary study overseas. English courses are always needed, preferably with a pathway onto a degree or vocational course.
  4. Increasing numbers of graduated students are interested in study for further qualifications, particularly level 7, Post Graduate and Master, and are hopeful for a “scholarship.” (“Scholarships” give kudos, but are often actually discounted prices available to everyone in a particular country or region.)
  5. There are more students who have graduated from overseas (eg USA, UK, Canada, Singapore) who would like to come to New Zealand for further study so they can work, and potentially migrate. Courses will be more related to their majors, such as Business, International Business, Marketing, or Accounting.
  6. Universities are interested in cooperation for 3+1 programs, and similar, or recruit students for off-shore courses such as Graduate Diploma level 7, Post Graduate Level 8 and Master course. Some also wish to develop special interest Study Troup etc.
  7. The Vietnamese Government is quite active in encouraging departments to develop “Study Tour plus activities” programmes, such as General English, Academic English, Special short course such as Business, Management, HR or administration in a particular industry. They do not require a qualification, but a Certificate of Participation or similar.


Holly Delves

Student Recruitment and Services Manager for Viet Nam

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